Ring Doorbell for RV security and peace of mind

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The Ring doorbell is awesome. It is very simple to set up and provides get security to the area around your door. Installation time is less than 30 minutes.

Installation Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard): Easy

Equipment needed and costs:

Ring Doorbell: $99.99 on Amazon

3M Exterior Attachment Tape: $7.41 on Amazon

Continuous Internet Access: lots of options, I recommend Visible at $40/month or less.


The opinions below are my own (Michael) and I have received no compensation for any of the products or services mentioned in this post.

RV security is becoming an increasingly popular topic. With frequent stories of crimes committed against RVers many people are justifiably worried about their safety when on the road, especially when boondocking. The question is how can we be safer and comfortable in uncomfortable surroundings? In another post I will talk about personal security options but for now let’s focus on awareness.

I don’t think today’s world is any more dangerous than it was 20 or even 40 years ago. What has changed is access to information. Before 24 hours news and the Internet, you only heard about crime in your local area and occasionally in other parts of the country. Today you see it constantly and also urban legends are on the rise as well that only makes people more paranoid. Surprisingly, at the same time people are becoming less aware of their surroundings.

Ring can help with that. The Ring Doorbell combines an HD camera and motion sensor into a a small package that is great for your sticks and bricks as well any RV. Using the Ring app on your Android or Apple phone, you will be able to view the camera from anywhere. If someone rings the doorbell or activates the motion detector, you can use the two-way voice feature to talk to them. It is battery powered but does need constant Internet access to function. To solve the Internet issue please read my article and watch the video on Visible Phone for RV Internet.

Installation of the Ring Doorbell is super simple. After opening the box go ahead and plug in the doorbell to charge the battery using the included micro USB cable. You can set up the doorbell while it is charging. Download the Ring app to your phone, open it and follow the instructions in the app. You must have WiFi in order to configure the doorbell and for it to function properly. Without Internet access it is just a doorbell. It does not record and save video on the device itself.

Also make sure that you follow the recommended instructions for securing your device and protecting it from hackers. Ring has been in the news lately because of some hacking. This was not due to vulnerabilities within Ring however. It was due to people not following the recommended instructions and using passwords that were not secure. I highly recommend that you use different user names and passwords for all online accounts that you may have. Hackers got into Ring devices using user name and password combinations that were hacked from other websites and devices.

You attach the mounting bracket to your RV using the 3M tape mentioned above. Make sure that your mounting location doesn’t interfere with any slides or awning arms that you may have. Following the directions that came with the tape for proper adhesion.

The Ring doorbell attaches to the mounting bracket via 2 set screws. It is very easy to install and remove. I recommend removing it during travel. It gives you the opportunity to charge the battery and eliminates the risk of it falling off during travel.

To get the most out of your new Ring Doorbell you will need to subscribe to the Ring service. The two paid plans are $30/year for a single device and basic features or $100/year for all Ring devices and extended features. You can view all plan details by clicking here.

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